NEForm App

  • Rapid deployment of custom forms and workflows
  • Our distinct native application means you get full functionality without an internet connection
  • Choice to deploy NEForm with your study to tablets and/or mobile forms running either iOS or Android operating systems
  • Strict user access to subject data lets one device handle multiple users and studies
  • NEForm supports complex workflows and edit checks
  • Records full audit trails so every user interaction is documented with a timestamp and user data
  • Simple process to synchronize the tablet, to upload data, and download data and any updates

Data Storage

  • NESS can host your backend database
  • Or we can integrate our NEForm frontend into your existing data structure
  • Data is kept synchronized between the servers and tablets without interupted workflow
  • Pre-populate our system with existing data

Multi-Mode Capture

  • NEForm integrates mobile tablets and smartphones, web apps, and machine-readable paper that all pool data back to a single system
  • Form layout and workflow is kept consistent between mediums
  • Sites can mix platforms as well as keep machine-readable paper backups on hand

Training Tools

  • We provide user manuals or training videos customized to your workflow
  • In-app training module can be customized for different user types
  • In-form instructions and help buttons with pop-up messages

Query System

  • Appropriate users can create a query on submitted data from their tablet
  • To create a data query the user can specify which fields to query, a title, a description, and the recipients
  • Appropriate users can receive and resolve queries from the query module on their tablet where they can review a list of completed or open queries
  • Query resolution requires the user to review the queried fields within the context of the form and respond to the originators comments and sign off on it

The WebApp

  • Facilitates the remote management and review of your most up to date data
  • Monitor site and user metrics in real-time
  • Monitor status of any data queries
  • View pdfs of completed forms on demand
  • Accessible to users assigned access after authentication step

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